How to Play ATS League Contests

ATS Cappers is a FREE, online sports pick competition that allows ATS Members to post their picks, manage their picks with a fantasy sportsbook, and compete for prizes.

• Compete with your friends
• Play with points, Not Cash
• Free to enter and play
• Redeem prizes with contest points

Participating in our free sports contests at ATS Cappers is as easy as 1-2-3.

Step One:
Once you create a ATS membership and log in to your members account at ATS Cappers you will see a list of options.  On this screen you will see a list of active contests.  In order to participate in ANY and ALL contests all you have to do is make picks by clicking the link "Update Your Picks".

The link is circled in red in the screen shot below:

Step Two:
Next, you will be given the option to make picks for today.  By default it shows All Scheduled Games for today.  This is where  you will be able to review the games and then make your desired picks by checking off the check box next to the pick you would like to enter into the contest(s).  You will also be able to select how many Units this play is worth (1-5, or Free).

Note: The pick next to the checkbox always starts with the AWAY team.  In order to pick the HOME team you must select it from the drop down list by clicking on the Away Team name that has the line and spread next to it.

In this example you would click the drop down field "Orlando Magic +2 (-110)" to the far right of the red circle that has the check box selected in order to change the pick to be for the home team.

The screenshot below shows how you would select a pick and continue to step 3:

Step Three:
Here you will select which contests you would like to enroll this pick into.

Select the contests you would like this pick to be in and press "Finish" By using this method, our visitors are able to easily participate in multiple contests by entering all of their picks for all contests in these 3 easy steps.  Other contests sites require you to enter your picks for each contest separately which can take a way from your research time.

Note: In the sample below this member is also subscribed to Sell his picks so the option "Sell Pick" shows up.  This option will only show up if you are subscribed to sell picks.

This screenshot below shows the member selecting the contests this pick should be in:

That's it!  After you login to your member's screen, make your selections, and select the contests you would like them to be in, you're done!

In order to view your rankings in the contests simply click on the contest link on the left hand side of the screen in the ATS Contests section of the website.  If you're good enough or lucky enough to finish in the money, you can redeem your ATS Contest points at the ATS prize page found on each contest page.

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