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NFL contest players start adding your daily football selections into NFL MONTHLY betting contest for your shot at a top 3 finish and get paid in ATS Bucks that can be used for any of the cool ATS contest prizes. All top 3 NFL units earners will be paid out monthly in ATS Contest Bucks. The most units over a thirty day period takes first place and top three are paid out. Start testing your NFL fantasy bets against the rest of the ATS community and turn those wagers into cash and prizes!

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NFL Monthly Contest Fantasy Contest Leaders
Rank ATS Capper Wins Losses Units
1 BH 58 13 14240
2 ricky stephens 34 10 9280
3 CJ 33 9 8721
4 noah 87 69 7905
5 joel 57 41 7733
6 Ross Majors 44 18 6863
7 Degenerate Gambler 40 27 6749
8 Brent Nichols 29 7 6094
9 Kelly Moore 16 3 5987
10 Bruce Ovelman 37 15 5529
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Sports: NFL
Lines: Money, Spread, Total
Determined by units won.

This contest started on Sat, Dec 01, 2007 at 12:00am EST and ended on Mon, Dec 31, 2007 at 12:00am EST.

Select the football picks each day that you feel will produce the highest number of Units. Units is used to place a value on tracking and rating your picks. Assign a fantasy value of 1 ($100) Unit up to 5 ($500) Unit strength to each pick. You can pick any as many or as few games that you wish, but the objective is always MOST UNITS at the end of each NFL fantasy contest.

More details about NFL Monthly Fantasy Football Betting:
  • Players are limited to one (1) user name when playing NFL MONTHLY. Any person that enters his picks using more than one user name, that person is deemed not eligible to win and will not be allowed to enter future contests.

  • When a football game that you selected is postponed, cancelled, or removed from the board for any reason, your pick will be automatically changed from pending to a push the next day.

  • Start adding your NFL picks today and follow your results on the NFL Monthly leaderboard.

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Note: If a minimum amount of lines is required and no contestant meets said requirement, contestants are ranked disregarding the line count. Contestants are ranked based on who meets the requirement first and then who does not following. If the contest ends with no contestants meeting the requirement, contest winner is void.
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